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Biomedical Equipment Technology (BMT)

BMT 130  (4 credit hours)  
Essentials of Analog and Digital Electronics for BMETs: Level 2  

Emphasizes advanced analog and digital devices and associated circuits as well as their use within medical equipment. Lecture/Lab: 4.0 credits (75 contact hours) (30:1 Ratio Lab)

Pre-requisite: BMT 120 .
Components: LEC: Lecture
BMT 215  (4 credit hours)  
Principles and Practices of Medical Equipment Maintenance and Management  

Investigates key aspects of a Medical Technology Management Program. Emphasizes medical device service principles and practices including inspecting, testing, maintenance, calibration, and repairs. Lecture/Lab: 4.0 credits (75 contact hours) (30:1 Ratio Lab).

Pre-requisite: BMT 110.
Co-requisite: BMT 230.
Components: LEC: Lecture