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Military Science (MIL)

MIL 101U  (2 credit hours)  
Military Mountaineering and Leadership  

This course is designed to be an introductory course to military science with emphasis on the following: Goal-setting, Physical Fitness Planning, Stress and Time Management, Mountaineering (which includes terminology, tools, and skills, rope management, knots, and rappelling/belaying techniques), and Basic Marksmanship. Additionally, cadets will receive an overview of Army Officership and the leadership skills necessary to succeed in any chosen career. Special attention will be given to the opportunities afforded an Army officer. Satisfactory completion of this course may be used to fulfill a General Education Category F requirement at Western Kentucky University (WKU). Lecture: 2.0 credits (2 contact hours).

Attributes: University Course (Western Kentucky University)
Components: LEC: Lecture
University Course: Western Kentucky University