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Advanced Integrated Technology - AAS

Offered at: Ashland Community and Technical College, Madisonville Community College

Program Plan Number: 1504997019

Course Title Credits
Required General Education
Select one of the following three options:3
Technical Algebra and Trigonometry
College Algebra
Higher MAT course
PHY 151
PHY 161
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics I Laboratory
or PHY 171 Applied Physics
ENG 101Writing I3
or ENG 105 Writing: An Accelerated Course
Social/Behavioral Science course3
Heritage/Humanities course 13
Technical Core
AIT 100Power Generation and Utilization4
AIT 110Power Distribution Systems3
AIT 120Equipment Installation3
AIT 130Measurement and Instrumentation4
AIT 140Industrial Controls I4
AIT 150Industrial Controls II4
AIT 210Advanced Equipment Maintenance4
AIT 270Introduction to Robotics and Programmable Logic Controllers2
Technical Courses
Select 16 hours (not duplicated from the core) of the following: 216
Introduction to Engineering Design
Principles of Engineering
Refrigeration Fundamentals
Refrigeration Fundamentals Lab
HVAC Electricity
HVAC Electricity Lab
Electrical Components
Electrical Components Lab
Welding for Maintenance
Welding for Maintenance Lab
Fundamentals of Machine Tools - B
Industrial Refrigeration - I
Workplace Safety
Process Management and Quality Control
The Integrated Power Grid
Integrated Power Plant Operations
Industrial Refrigeration - II
Programmable Logic Controllers
PLC Networking
Advanced PLC Programming
Selected Topics in Advanced Integrated Technology
Advanced Electromechanical Concepts
Industrial Computer Programming Concepts
Approved Technical Courses
Total Credits60

Demonstration of computer/digital literacy is required for the AAS degree.