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Surveying and Mapping Technology - AAS

This program is not currently offered at a KCTCS College.

Program Plan Number: 1511027029

Course Title Credits
Required General Education
ENG 101Writing I3
Select one of the following two options:3
Technical Mathematics
Higher Level Quantitative Reasoning Course
Natural Sciences3
Social/Behavioral Sciences3
Required Technical Courses
Digital Literacy Course3
COM 181Basic Public Speaking3
SMT 110Principles of Surveying3
SMT 130Land Surveying Graphics3
SMT 160Construction Surveying3
SMT 210Advanced Surveying Measurement3
SMT 220Surveying Lab3
SMT 230Land Boundary Location3
SMT 250Mine Surveying3
SMT 270Professional Ethics & Conduct for Land Surveyors3
SMT 290Boundary Law3
Technical Electives Approved by Program Coordinator12
Total Credits60