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Academic Services


KCTCS colleges offer a range of degree programs, including the Associate in Arts (AA), the Associate in Science (AS), and the Associate in Fine Arts (AFA). These programs empower students to personalize their educational path, tailoring it to their interests and satisfying the general education prerequisites for future bachelor's degree programs upon transfer. KCTCS colleges also offer the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree programs, designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the workforce. These programs cater to occupational and technical fields and may provide the potential for transferability towards bachelor's degree programs based upon the receiving institution's review. KCTCS colleges also extend opportunities for occupational/technical diplomas and certificates, aligning with the needs of the job market. Additionally, KCTCS presents dual credit courses for high school students and fosters an environment of continuing education and community service.

All students are encouraged to utilize the advising and transfer services available to complete programs of study at KCTCS, and to plan for lifelong and continuing education to support academic and career goals. Advising and transfer services are available to help facilitate students’ progress and success.