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Digital Literacy Requirement

KCTCS defines digital literacy as the ability to locate, evaluate, and ethically create and share information using digital technologies to enhance one's quality of life and vocation.   

Before completing an AA, AS, AFA, AAS or any diploma with KCTCS, students must demonstrate digital literacy by one of the following means:

  1. Passing the IC3 Global Standard Fast Track exam (using the most current Global Standard available), or
  2. Achieving the IC3 Certification, or
  3. Articulating credit from another institution which has demonstrated compliance with the above course criteria as identified by the registrar of the receiving college in cooperation with faculty of the receiving college, or
  4. Receiving credit for an approved KCTCS digital literacy course, or
  5. Completing a KCTCS program that has been given Digital Literacy status for the program, or 
  6. Providing documentation of successful completion of other certification exams as approved by KCTCS.  

Documentation of digital literacy will be recorded as course credit, program completion, transfer course or external exam credit.

Approved KCTCS Digital Literacy Courses

Course Title Credits
CAD 100Introduction to Computer Aided Design3
CIT 105Introduction to Computers3
DLC 101Digital Literacy3
DMI 228Seminars in Radiography3
DMS 119Ultrasonic Physics and Instrumentation6
DPT 100Introduction to 3D Printing Technology3
EDU 204Technology In the Classroom3
IMD 100Digital Information & Communication Technologies3
OST 105Introduction to Information Systems3
VCC 125Computer Graphics I3
VCC 150Mac Basics3

Approved KCTCS Programs with Digital Literacy Status

In addition to the courses listed above, the following KCTCS AAS programs are approved for Digital Literacy Status.

Students who complete these programs will not need to take an additional course to fulfill the Digital Literacy requirement.

  • Cybersecurity AAS
  • Nursing Associate Degree Program – Standard Pathway and Modular Pathway
  • Nursing – Academic/Career Mobility AAS Program
  • Nursing – Integrated Nursing AAS and Integrated LPN Diploma Program
  • Nursing – Practical Nursing Diploma, all Pathways
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics AAS