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Non-Classroom Learning Experiences

Work Based Learning Experiences

Many of the diploma and degree programs offered through the colleges have Work Based Learning included in the curriculum. Work Based Learning refers to the programs that offer academic credit for degree-related work experience during a specific semester. The experiences and credit awarded vary according to the program’s requirements. These experiences must be planned and supervised by the college and the employer to ensure that the work experience contributes to the student’s education and career objective. The cornerstone of Work Based Learning is Cooperative Education. Other programs that are considered part of Work Based Learning are Internships, Practicums, and Experiential Learning. These courses afford the student a unique opportunity to integrate formal classroom training with supervised work experience.

Service Learning

Students have the opportunity to enroll in service learning which is designed to integrate community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical and reflective thinking and civic responsibility. Service learning engages students in organized community service which addresses local needs, while developing academic skill, sense of civic responsibility, and commitment to the community.  Students interested in service learning should contact their academic advisor.