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Appendix D

Crosswalk for Chemistry Courses

Approved Course Prefix/Number Approved Course Title Implementation Fall 2009 Old Course Prefix/Number Old Course Title
Deactivated CHE 115 General Chemistry Laboratory
CHE 120 Chemistry in Society 1 CHM 101 Chemistry: A Cultural Approach
CHE 125 Chemistry in Society Laboratory 1 New
CHE 130 Introductory General and Biological Chemistry1 CHM 100 Introductory General and Biological Chemistry
CHE 140 Introductory General Chemistry1 CHE 104 Introductory General Chemistry
CHE 145 Introductory General Chemistry Laboratory1 CHM 104 Introductory General Chemistry Laboratory
CHE 150 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry1 CHE 106 Introduction to Inorganic, Organic, and Biochemistry
CHE 155 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Laboratory1 New
CHE 160 Preparation for General College Chemistry CHM 102 Preparation for General College Chemistry
CHE 170 General College Chemistry I1 CHE 105 General College Chemistry I
CHE 173 General College Chemistry I Workshop New
CHE 175 General College Chemistry Laboratory I1 CHM 105 General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 180 General College Chemistry II1 CHE 107 General College Chemistry II
CHE 183 General College Chemistry II Workshop New
CHE 185 General College Chemistry Laboratory II1 CHM 107 General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHE 220 Analytical Chemistry1 CHE 226 Analytical Chemistry
CHE 270 Organic Chemistry I1 CHE 230 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 275 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1 CHE 231 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 280 Organic Chemistry II1 CHE 232 Organic Chemistry II
CHE 285 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II1 CHE 233 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHE 290 Selected Topics in Chemistry: (Topic) New
CHE 295 Selected Topics in Chemistry Laboratory: (Topic) New
CHE 299 Laboratory Research in Chemistry: (Topic) New
Deactivated CHEM 175 Applied General and Organic Chemistry

General Education Status