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Residential Design - Diploma

This program is not currently offered at a KCTCS College.

Program Plan Number: 1513034019

Curriculum Effective Spring Semester

Course Title Credits
Select 3 credit hours from each of the following two areas:6
Area I
Writing I
Area II
Quantitative Reasoning Course 1
Natural Science Course
Social and Behavioral Course
Digital Literacy Course or demonstrated competency0-3
ACH 100Construction Documents I3
ACH 110Survey of the Architectural Profession1
ACH 120Theory and History of Architecture I3
ACH 150Construction Documents II3
ACH 160Building Materials and Construction I3
ACH 161Building Materials and Construction II3
ACH 170Theory and History of Architecture II3
ACH 175Introduction to Systems3
ACH 195Computer Aided Drafting I3
Technical Elective 25
Total Credits36-39

 Any credit bearing MAT class starting with MAT 116 and higher.


Hours sufficient to achieve the minimum 36 total, required for diploma. See list below

Technical Courses

Course Title Credits
ACH 180Selected Topics in Architectural Technology (Topic)1-3
ACH 194Visual Composition3
ACH 198Practicum in Architectural Technology1-3
ACH 280Revit/Building Information Modeling2
ACH 290Building Codes I3
ACH 291Construction Management3
ACH 292Building Codes II3
ACH 293Presentation Techniques3
ACH 294Specification Writing3
ACH 295Computer Aided Drafting II3
ACH 297Estimating Techniques3
ACH 298Computer 3D Modeling 3
COE 199 Cooperative Education: Architectural Technology 1-3