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Multi-Skilled Technician Trainee Level II- Certificate

Offered at: Madisonville Community College

Program Plan Number: 1504993230

Curriculum Effective Spring Semester

Course Title Credits
ACR 100Refrigeration Fundamentals3
ACR 101Refrigeration Fundamentals Lab2
AIT 1301Principles of Instrumentation2
AIT 1302Integrated Process Control2
AIT 1401Basic Electrical Controls2
AIT 1402Basic Pneumatic Controls1
AIT 1403Basic Hydraulic Controls1
AIT 1501Intermediate Electrical Controls2
AIT 1502Intermediate Pneumatic Controls1
AIT 1503Intermediate Hydraulic Controls1
AIT 2710Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers2
AIT 2711Introduction to Robotics2
WLD 140Gas Metal Arc Welding2
WLD 141Gas Metal Arc Welding Fillet Lab3
Total Credits26