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Biomedical Technology Systems - AAS

Offered at: Madisonville Community College

Program Plan Number: 1504017029

Biomedical Technology Systems

Course Title Credits
General Education Courses
ENG 101Writing I3
MAT 126Technical Algebra and Trigonometry3
or MAT 150 College Algebra
PHY 171Applied Physics4
Social/Behavioral Sciences3
Technical Support Courses
AIT 1001Basic Electrical Knowledge2
AIT 1101Electrical Power Distribution1
BIO 135Basic Anatomy and Physiology with Laboratory4
CIT 105Introduction to Computers (fulfills digital literacy requirement)3
CIT 111Computer Hardware and Software4
CIT 160Intro to Networking Concepts4
CIT 180Security Fundamentals3
Technical Courses
BTS 100Biomedical Technology Systems: A Career Perspective1
BTS 110Environmental Risks and Precautionary Measures for the BTS Service Professional1
BTS 120Essentials of Biomedical Electronics I2
BTS 125Essentials of Biomedical Electronics II2
BTS 130Medical Equipment Management I2
BTS 140Science Principles Employed in Medical Technologies1
BTS 200Patient Care Support and Management Systems2
BTS 210Diagnostic Medical Equipment and Non-Radiographic Imaging Modalities2
BTS 220Laboratory Devices, Instruments, and Analyzers2
BTS 230Medical Equipment Management II2
BTS 250Introduction to Medical-Based IT Networks and Standards2
BTS 260Radiographic Imaging Modalities2
BTS 270Therapeutic Equipment Modalities I2
BTS 275Therapeutic Equipment Modalities II2
BTS 280General Care Monitoring and Instrumentation2
BTS 285Critical Care Monitoring and Instrumentation2
BTS 290Clinical Experience in Biomedical Technology Systems2
Total Credits68