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Advanced Biotechnician - Certificate

Offered at: Bluegrass Community and Technical College

Program Plan Number: 4101013050

Course Title Credits
BTN 101Introduction to Biotechnology1
BTN 105Applied Laboratory Calculations for Biotechnology3
BTN 201Biotechnology Techniques I4
BTN 202Biotechnology Techniques II4
Select 15 credits of the following 12 options:15
Fundamentals of Scientific Communication
Nucleic Acid Methods
Bioinformatics I
Bioinformatics II
Introduction to Agricultural Biotechnology
Cell Culture and Function
Immunological Methods
Protein Bioseparation Methods
Independent Investigation in Biotechnology 1
Biotechnology Learning Laboratory
Cooperative Education: (Topic)
Course approved by the program coordinator
Total Credits27

Students are strongly encouraged to gain hands-on experience by enrolling in BTN 295 Independent Investigation in Biotechnology (1-3 credit hours), BTN 298 Biotechnology Learning Laboratory (1-8 credit hours) or COE 199 Cooperative Education: (Topic) (1-8 credit hours), to reinforce technical skills learned in the classroom.


  • At least one semester of college-level chemistry and college-level biology, with an earned associate’s degree or higher.
  • Or consent of program coordinator