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Dental Hygiene - AAS

Offered at: Bluegrass Community and Technical College

Program Plan Number: 5106027019

Course Title Credits
General Education Core
ENG 101Writing I3
Quantitative Reasoning Course at AA/AS Level3
COM 181Basic Public Speaking3
PSY 110General Psychology3
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3
BIO 137Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Laboratory 14
BIO 139Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Laboratory 14
BIO 225Medical Microbiology with Laboratory3-4
or BIO 226 Principles of Microbiology
Digital Literacy 20-3
Technical Courses
DHP 120Dental Hygiene I4
DHP 122Dental Nutrition2
DHP 123Oral Biology2
DHP 124Materials in Dentistry2
DHP 130Dental Hygiene II3
DHP 132Oral Pathology and Pharmacology4
DHP 135Dental Radiology3
DHP 136Periodontics I2
DHP 220Dental Hygiene III3
DHP 222Special Needs Patients3
DHP 226Periodontics II2
DHP 229Local Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide Sedation2
DHP 230Dental Hygiene IV3
DHP 235Principles of Practice1
DHP 238Community Dental Health3
Total Credits68-72