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Operating Engineer - Diploma

Offered at: Hazard Community and Technical College

Program Plan Number: 4902024029

Course Title Credits
General Education
Area 1
Select one of the following three options:3
Written Communication
Oral Communications
Area 2
Select one of the following three options:3
Social/Behavioral Sciences
Natural Sciences
Quantitative Reasoning
Technical Courses
Digital Literacy0-3
DIT 103Preventive Maintenance Lab2
HEO 125Special Problems I3
HEO 130Power Shovel Backhoe Operator5
HEO 131Bulldozer Operator5
HEO 132Utility Tractor Loader Operator5
HEO 133Motor Grader Loader Operator5
HEO 134Hydraulic Excavator Operator5
HEO 141Heavy Equipment Operating I3
HEO 211Heavy Equipment Operating II3
HEO 215Heavy Equipment Operations1
HEO 225Special Problems II3
HEO 231Heavy Equipment Operating III3
ISX 100Industrial Safety3
Total Credits52-55