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Integrated Engineering Technology - Diploma

Offered at: Bluegrass Community and Technical College

Program Plan Number: 1442014019

Course Title Credits
Area 1
Select one of the following three options:3
Writing I
Basic Public Speaking
Area 2
Select one of the following two options:3
Technical Algebra and Trigonometry
Higher Level Quantitative Reasoning Course
Technical Courses
Digital literacy Course (CIT 105 or OST 105)3
IET 104Blueprint Reading/Schematics2
IET 121Basic Electricity4
IET 202Motor Controls and Sensing Devices4
IET 204Automated Motor Controls6
IET 205Robot Maintenance4
IET 207Electro-Hydraulics and Pneumatics4
IET 208Mechanical Drives4
IET 110Welding and Fabrication4
IET 128Introduction to Machine Tool Operation3
or CMM 110 Fundamentals of Machine Tools - A
IET 111Lean Safety Culture1
IET 112Lean Manufacturing Concepts -TPS1
IET 113Lean 5S Methodology1
IET 114Lean Problem Solving Methodology1
IET 115Lean Machine Reliability1
Total Credits49