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Construction Mason - Diploma

Offered at: Big Sandy Community and Technical College

Program Plan Number: 4601014019

Progression in the Masonry program is contingent upon achievement of a grade of “C” or better in each technical course and maintenance of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

Course Title Credits
General Education
Area 1
Select one of the following three options:3
Written Communication
Oral Communications
Area 2
Select one of the following three options:3
Social/Behavioral Sciences
Natural Sciences
Quantitative Reasoning
Technical Courses
Digital Literacy course or demonstrated competency0-3
BRX 220Blueprint Reading for Construction3
ISX 100Industrial Safety3
or ISX 101 Introduction to Industrial Safety
MSY 105Introductory Masonry3
MSY 115Intermediate Masonry3
MSY 199Cooperative Education I3
or MSY 198 Practicum I
MSY 205Advanced Masonry3
MSY 215Masonry Lab3
MSY 225Brick Construction3
MSY 235Special Techniques in Brick Construction3
MSY 245Anchors and Reinforcement3
MSY 275Fireplace Construction3
MSY 299Cooperative Education II3
or MSY 298 Practicum II
Technical Electives6
Total Credits48-51

Technical Electives

Course Title Credits
Technical Electives
Select two of the following:6
MSY 251Concrete Finishing3
MSY 253Masonry Floors and Steps3
MSY 255Glass Blocks and Tile3
MSY 257Stone3
Electives (Optional)
MSY 291Masonry Applications3