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Underground Mining Repair Technology - Diploma

This program is not currently offered at a KCTCS College.

Program Plan Number: 1509014019

Course Title Credits
General Education
Area 1
Select one of the following three options:3
Written Communication
Oral Communications
Area 2
Select one of the following three options:3
Social/Behavioral Sciences
Natural Sciences
Quantitative Reasoning
Technical Courses
Blueprint Reading course2-3
Digital Literacy course or demonstrated competency 10-3
EFM 100Personal Financial Management3
or BAS 120 Personal Finance
IMT 100Welding for Maintenance3
IMT 101Welding for Maintenance Lab2
ELT 250Programmable Logic Controllers4
Select one of the following two options:3-5
Applied Fluid Power
Fluid Power
and Fluid Power Lab
IMT 150Maintaining Industrial Equipment I3
IMT 151Maintaining Industrial Equipment I Lab2
Select one of the following two options:5
Mining Electricity I
and Mining Electricity I Lab
Industrial Maintenance Electrical Principles
and Industrial Maintenance Electrical Principles Lab
MNG 190Mine Emergency Technician2-3
or KHP 190 First Aid and Emergency Care
MNG 185Mining Permissibility3
MNG 274Mine Safety3
Technical Electives: Any AIT, EET, ELT, IMT, CIT, ISM, ENV, SMT, CAD, ICT, MNG, MFG or any other course as approved by the program coordinator.9-12
Total Credits50-60

Digital Literacy course - 3 credit hours or Demonstrated Competency - 0 credit hours