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Fermentation Science - AAS

Offered at: Madisonville Community College

Program Plan Number: 1205997100

Progression through the Fermentation Science program is contingent upon achieving a grade of “C” or better in each FRM course and a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

Course Title Credits
General Education
BIO 114Biology I3
BIO 115Biology Laboratory I1
CHE 140Introductory General Chemistry3
CHE 145Introductory General Chemistry Laboratory1
CHE 150Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry3
CHE 155Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Laboratory1
ENG 101Writing I3
HIS 107Western Culture: Science and Technology II3
MAT 150College Algebra3
PHY 151Introductory Physics I3
PHY 161Introductory Physics I Laboratory1
Social & Behavioral Sciences3
Technical Courses
CIT 105Introduction to Computers3
FRM 120Brewery Facilities and Operational Management4
AIT 2002Quality Control and SPC2
BAS 170Entrepreneurship3
CUL 125Sanitation and Safety2
COED 198Practicum3
FRM 100Fundamentals of Fermentation1
FRM 110Principles of Fermentation Science3
FRM 130Sensory Analysis3
FRM 140Materials Evaluation3
FRM 150Recipe Formulation3
FRM 160Beverage Packaging2
Total Credits60