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Basic Electricity (BEX)

BEX 100  (3 credit hours)  
Basic Electricity for Non-Majors  

This course introduces non-majors to the basic physics of electricity. Students apply Ohm's law; measure resistance, voltage, ohms, watts and amps; construct various types of electrical circuits; select wire and fuse sizes; and learn to troubleshoot an electric motor and coil. Lecture: 3 credits (45 contact hours).

Co-requisite: BEX 101.
Attributes: Technical
Components: LEC: Lecture
BEX 101  (2 credit hours)  
Basic Electricity Lab for Non-Majors  

This is a hands-on class designed to allow the student to use the concepts, principles, and theories covered in Basic application. Electricity for non-majors BEX 100. Laboratory: 2 credits (90 contact hours).

Co-requisite: BEX 100.
Attributes: Technical
Components: LAB: Laboratory