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Manufacturing (MFG)

MFG 135  (6 credit hours)  
Fundamentals of Mechatronics  

Introduces the student to the basics of Mechatronic systems and the operation of electrical, mechanical, pneumatic/hydraulic, and Programmable Logic Control components in an advanced manufacturing system. Combines basic operational and analytical skills with critical thinking and applied troubleshooting. Teaches the students to troubleshoot a multitude of problems involved in typical electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic/pneumatic systems. (Credit may not be earned for this course if the student has earned credit for MFG 125 or MFG 130.) Lecture/ Lab: 6.0 credit hours (120 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: ENGT110 and at least five other hours of approved technical electives (see Manufacturing Engineering Technology technical elective list) or consent of instructor.
Attributes: Technical
Components: LEC: Lecture
MFG 175  (2 credit hours)  
Lean Operations  

Introduces students to the principles and practices of lean operations. Employs a lean simulation and examples from Toyota and other lean practitioners to introduce students to lean practices. Discusses Total Productive Maintenance. Lecture/Lab: 2.0 credit hours (30 contact hours).

Attributes: Course Also Offered in Modules, Technical
Components: LEC: Lecture
MFG 256  (3 credit hours)  
Production Management  

Procedures and techniques employed in a manufacturing plant, analysis of production planning and control, time and motion study, quality control, plant layout, and budgetary control. Lecture: 3 credits (45 contact hours).

Attributes: Technical
Components: LEC: Lecture
MFG 265  (4 credit hours)  
Robotics and Industrial Automation  

A study of principles and techniques used in automated industrial systems are studied. Emphasis is placed on programming, applications, and interfacing of automated machinery to manufacturing workcells. Lecture: 3 credits (45 contact hours)n Laboratory: 1 credit (30 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: ET 256 or consent of instructor.
Attributes: Technical
Components: LAB: Laboratory, LEC: Lecture
MFG 295  (1 credit hours)  
Manufacturing Engineering Technology Capstone  

Serves as the capstone course for the Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree program. Integrates prior learning outcomes into a single integrated learning experience. Includes preparation for an exit exam that all program graduates must take. Lecture: 1 credit (15 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program Declaration or Consent of Instructor.
Attributes: Technical
Components: LEC: Lecture