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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TES)

TES 100  (3 credit hours)  
Introduction to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)  

Introduces key concepts in teaching English as a second or foreign language. Offers a broad introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to become a professional teacher of ESL or EFL. 3 credits (45 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: ENG 102.
Attributes: Technical
Components: LEC: Lecture
TES 101  (3 credit hours)  
Second Language Literacy & Acquisition  

Covers theory, research, and pedagogy associated with the development of literacy in two languages, either simultaneously or successively. Focuses on how individuals and groups become literate in English as an additional or second language. Explores political, cultural, social, and contextual, as well as cognitive, textual, and educational issues that arise in acquiring and using a second literacy. Introduces current research in second language acquisition, especially of English. Focuses on prominent research trends in the study of the language learner, the process of acquisition, and the interaction of learner, language, and context. 3 credits (45 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: TES 100, ANT 160, COM 254.
Components: LEC: Lecture
TES 102  (3 credit hours)  
TESOL Methods & Practice  

Surveys current theory and practice in teaching English to non-native speakers with foci on classroom teaching and design. Emphasizes awareness of teaching behaviors and their consequences in English classrooms for native and non-native speakers of English. Explores traditional and innovative approaches for integrating instructional technology and multimedia, designing of classroom materials for specific purposes, and preparing procedures for teaching all language skills at various educational levels. Surveys instruments to observe classroom teaching behavior and provides practice in the use of observation instruments. 3 credits (45 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: ANT 160, COM 254, TES 100.
Attributes: Other
Components: LEC: Lecture
TES 103  (3 credit hours)  
Second Language Teaching w/Lab  

Considers trends, issues, research, and exploration in second language teaching, as well as language learner assessment and testing. Provides a balance between observation and practical teaching experience. Provides opportunities for students to plan, teach, and reflect on lessons through a practicum experience. Emphasizes application of theory and pedagogical knowledge gained from course work. Develops skills to reflect on teaching and its consequences for learners. Integrated Lecture: 2 credits (30 contact hours). Integrated Lab: 1 credit (30 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: ANT 160, COM 254, TES 100.
Attributes: Other
Components: LAI: Integrated Laboratory, LEI: Integrated Lecture