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Apprenticeship Studies (APS)

APS 101  (2 credit hours)  
Introduction to Apprenticeships in the Workplace  

Explores student career opportunities that are available through apprenticeships. Examines the changing workforce and the skills needed to adapt to constantly changing demands and expectations. Explores topics including life-skills, Lean Concepts, time management and self-management. Lecture: 2 credits (30 contact hours).

Attributes: Technical
Components: LEC: Lecture
APS 201  (10-40 credit hours)  
Apprenticeship Studies  

Complements specialized study in a national or state approved apprentice curriculum (i.e. 2000 hours per year on the job in a supervised work environment and 144 hours per year of related classroom instruction). Integrated Lecture/Lab: 10-40 credit hours (144 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: Completion of national/state certified apprenticeship program.
Attributes: Technical
Components: LAI: Integrated Laboratory, LEI: Integrated Lecture