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Journalism - Advertising - Telecommunications (JAT)

JAT 101  (3 credit hours)  
Introduction to Communication Media  

Lectures, readings, and other materials provide an introductory survey of the journalism, advertising , and telecommunications professions. This course will foster an understanding of the historical development, theory, effects, regulation, practice, and professional opportunities of these three industries. Students will gain an awareness of the possibilities and limitations of evolving communication technologies, preparing them to become intelligent consumers, producers, and managers of communication media. Lecture: 3 credits (45 contact hours)

Attributes: Other
Components: LEC: Lecture
JAT 241  (1-4 credit hours)  
Communications Practicum  

Supervised laboratory work in the media of mass communications, with meetings for evaluation of work, study of techniques, analyses of problems, and reports. May be repeated to a maximum of four credits. (Offered in Community College System only.) Independent Study 1.0 - 4.0 credit (15 contact hours)

Attributes: Other
Components: IND: Independent Study