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Journalism (JOU)

JOU 101  (3 credit hours)  
Introduction to Journalism  

This course surveys the history and social theories of journalism and introduces students to contemporary journalistic practice. Students will learn about the function and operation of print, electronic and on-line news media. Issues and concepts to be covered include the relationship of government to media; press freedom and controls; media ethics, and the impact of global communications. The course also covers the relationship of journalism to advertising, public relations and telecommunications, particularly with regard to new technologies. Lecture: 3.0 credits (45 contact hours)

Attributes: Other
Components: LEC: Lecture
JOU 204  (3 credit hours)  
Writing for the Mass Media  

An introduction to the concepts and techniques of media writing. This course offers hands-on instruction in information gathering, organization, and writing for print, broadcast and on-line media. Lecture: 1 credit (15 contact hours); Laboratory: 2 credits (60/30:1 ratio contact hours).

Pre-requisite: JOU 101 or Consent of Instructor.
Components: LAB: Laboratory, LEC: Lecture