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Theatre (TA)

TA 195  (1-3 credit hours)  
Special Projects in Theatre Arts (Project Title)  

Projects in Theatre Arts that are not otherwise covered by or extend beyond the scope of TA 190, TA 191 or other theatre arts course offerings. Projects may include, but are not limited to, practical application of techniques in special circumstances; special theatre tours; research projects that will be used as the basis of a practical application project; or theatrical workshop projects designed to cover a special area of practice. Projects will be selected by the instructor and may be repeated with different titles for up to six credit hours. Lecture: 1-3 credits (15-45 contact hours); Laboratory: 1-3 credits (60-180 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: Consent of Instructor.
Attributes: Other
Components: LAB: Laboratory, LEC: Lecture
TA 264  (3 credit hours)  
Makeup for the Theatre  

Theory and practice in the principles, materials and application of makeup. Lecture, two hours; laboratory, two hours.

Pre-requisite: TA 150 or consent of instructor.
Attributes: Other
Components: LAB: Laboratory, LEC: Lecture