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Electrical Engineering (EE)

EE 210U  (3.5 credit hours)  
Circuits and Networks I  

An introductory course in circuit analysis including Kirchhoff's Laws, independent and dependent sources, power and energy, lumped linear fixed networks, power factor, phasors, and three phase networks. Lecture: 3 credit hours (37.5 contact hours). Lab: 0.50 credit hour (30 credit hours).

Pre-requisite: MAT 185 Calculus II (C or better).
Co-requisite: PHY 232 University Physics II.
Attributes: University Course (Western Kentucky University)
Components: LAB: Laboratory, LEC: Lecture
University Course: Western Kentucky University
EE 211  (4 credit hours)  
Circuits I  

Fundamental laws, principles and analysis techniques for DC and AC linear circuits whose elements consist of passive and active components used in modern engineering practice including the determination of steady state and transient responses. Pre-requisite or concurrent: PHY 232, PHY 242.

Pre-requisite: MA 114.
Attributes: Due to Inacitvity, Technical
Components: LEC: Lecture