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Truck Driving (TNT)

TNT 110  (3 credit hours)  
Basic Operations  

The student is orientated to the truck driving industry to include trip planning, personal and financial management, and basic vehicle systems.

Components: LEC: Lecture
TNT 120  (3 credit hours)  
Safe Operating Practices  

The student develops an understanding of the legal and safety regulations associated with the trucking industry.

Components: LEC: Lecture
TNT 210  (1 credit hours)  
Advanced Operating Practices  

Students will be exposed to the vehicle inspection, basic controls, coupling/uncoupling, and CDC skills manuals. Prerequisite: TNT 110, TNT 120

Components: LAB: Laboratory
TNT 220  (3 credit hours)  
Vehicle Systems and Reporting Malfunction  

The student drivers in assigned route developed by the school to give students exposure to specific operations. The student will be required to conduct all phases of inspections, logging, and other related activities to the Department of Transportation regulations. This course includes the Professional Truck Driver/Defensive Driving Course. Prerequisite: TNT 110, TNT 120, TNT 210

Components: LEC: Lecture
TNT 250  (4 credit hours)  

The student is placed with a motor transport carrier/driver for a 10,000 mile behind-the-wheel, over-the-road experience. Prerequisite: TNT 110, TNT 120, TNT 210, TNT 220

Components: IND: Independent Study