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Science (SCI)

SCI 110  (3 credit hours)  
Science and Society  

Introduces contemporary issues in science and its effects on the public sphere. Critically evaluate scientific media as it relates to student's lives and attain a basic understanding behind the philosophy of science. Discuss relevant topics including, but not limited to: Climate Change, Genetically Modified Organisms, Vaccination, Nutrition, Pseudoscience and appropriate Experimental Design. This course is not intended for STEM students. Lecture: 3 credit hours (45 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: College Readiness as indicated by CPE in reading and writing.
Attributes: SN - Science
Components: LEC: Lecture
SCI 295  (3 credit hours)  
Scientific Investigations  

Real-time, hands-on research projects are carried out using the scientific method. Results of research projects may be presented at the Conference for Student Research, or other scientific meetings. Students prepare research projects for inclusion in a Handbook of Procedures Using the Scientific Method. Mathematics, Reading, and English assessment placement scores above developmental levels or completion of requisite developmental courses. 2. Completion of 3 credit hours of general education science area in which the research project will be carried out with grade of B or higher. 3. Consent of Instructor. Lecture: 1 credit (15 contact hours); Laboratory: 2 credits (60 contact hours).

Pre-requisite: 1.
Attributes: SN - Science
Components: LEC: Lecture